IT is an un-debatable fact that the American Veteran has served as the world's peacekeeper for the last century. In honor of the American Veteran's service since the beginning of World War I, NOBEL4VETS.COM proposes that the Veterans' resume is worthy of becoming the 119th recipient for the Nobel Peace Prize. NOBEL4VETS.COM asserts that the Norwegian Nobel Committee [NNC] has already set a precedent to honor the American Veteran as such because of its 1988 selection of the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces joined by several commanders of military forces throughout the past century. The United Nations Peacekeeping Forces were honored for accomplishments throughout the 1980's in the Middle East and on the African continent. This prestigious recognition would serve as a long overdue paid debt for the American Veteran's century of service of maintaining world peace.

FOR those reasons and many more that will be outlined within individual profiles in the VETERANBIO Registry, NOBEL4VETS.COM request your support to recognize the American Veteran for this honor by providing your name, and email addresses/mailing address in support of the VETFRIENDS Registry.

NOBEL4VETS.COM request from those fortunate enough to do so, any small contribution that will be used to support the cost of preparing a 35,000,000 VETFRIENDS Registry along with a formal presentation to the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

The 35,000,000 Registry will consist of 25,000,000 American VETFRIENDS and also the support of 10,000,000 international VETFRIENDS from American allied countries.


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